The 2009 Bankruptcy Update CLE – Part I

Credits: 2 MCLE Credits (Professional Practice)
Sponsors: The Bankruptcy Committee, David J. Doyaga, Esq., Chair
The Volunteer Lawyers Project, Jeannie Costello, Esq., Executive Director
Citibank, N.A.
East Coast Appraisal Service – Commercial and Residential Real Estate Appraisers
Speakers: David J. Doyaga, Esq., Doyaga & Schaefer
Gregory Messer, Esq., Law Offices of Gregory Messer, PLLC

The 2009 Bankruptcy Update CLEa two part series on the most recent changes to New York Bankruptcy law

Part I – The Basics of Chapter 7 and 2009 UpdateTopics will include: the Basics of Chapter 7: Eligibility and Steps in the Process; Client Relations; Interview and Intake Procedures;Information the Debtor Should Be Given; Ethical Issues; Common Complexities in Everyday Cases; Valuation Issues; Claiming theProper and Maximum Exemptions; How to Get Tough Cases Through and What Cases to Avoi ; Audits, They are Back and Theyare Discovering Fraud.

Part II – Beyond the Basics of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13Topics will include: Recent Decisions of Eastern District Judges Affecting You; Trends in the Law; 707(b) Challenges; A CloseReview of the Means Test and Review of Cases Concerning Appropriate CMI Deductions; Recent Change in Insurance Exemption;Determining Proper Budgets in Chapter 13; Stripping Second Mortgages in Chapter 13.

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