Real Property Contracts* CLE-PreRecorded

Nuts & Bolts of Real Property Contracts Provisions, Procedures, and Pitfalls*
Originally Presented On: Wednesday, June 19, 2013
2 MCLE Professional Practice Credits
Presented by:
•    Mark Caruso, Esq., Partner of Caruso, Caruso & Branda, P.C.; BBA’s Real Property Law Committee Chair
•    Dominic J. Famulari, Esq., Law Firm of John D. Famulari

Sponsored by:
•    BBA’s Real Property Law Committee-Mark Caruso, Esq., Chair
•    Investors Bank
•    Regal Title Agency

Course Description: Come learn about contract terms and provisions along with “what to do” tips with respect to common situations involving real estate contracts.  The presenters will also describe in detail the various problems and pitfalls that practitioners often encounter and how to either avoid or resolve such problems.

*Indicates courses that offer basic training in skills and practice.

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