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A Comprehensive Update On NY Bankruptcy Law

Originally Recorded On: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 (6:00PM – 8:30PM)
Credits: 2.5 Credits (Professional Practice)

Part I –Bankruptcy Basics

This course is for the beginning attorney who has done five or fewer bankruptcies and is excellent for sending your staff and paralegals to learn or re-learn the Basics of Bankruptcy and Chapter 7.

Topics will include: How to properly complete and amend Schedules and other required filings; How to convert to other Chapters; How to complete the means test form; How to get the Meeting of Creditors closed in one visit; Basic client interviewing.

Presentations by:
David J. Doyaga, Esq., Doyaga & Schaefer, and Gregory Messer, Esq., Law Offices of Gregory Messer, PLLC
Contact Info : 718-624-0675 ext. 211 Email :

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Original Recording Date: November 29, 2010
Credits: 2 Professional Practice Credit

Presentations by:
Hon. Laurie Lau, New York City Civil Court
Mitchell Posilkin, Esq., Counsel, Rent Stabilization Association
Michael C. Rosenthal, Esq., Rappaport, Hertz, Cherson & Rosenthal

Topics include: Legal Fees In Landlord-Tenant Proceedings; Cassado & Roberts (How JV1s affect Luxury Decontrol and the right to a “Low Rent Supplement”); When the tenant dies; Discovery & Depositions: Mechanisms, Methods & Enforcements and More!

For more information contact:
Phone: 718-624-0675 ext. 211

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Price: $50.00

Credits: 6 MCLE credits (3.5 Practice, 1.5 Skills, 1 Ethics)

OCA Approved Article 81 training for certified guardian, court evaluator, ans attorney for alleged incapacitated persons.

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Price: $100.00

Credits: 3 CLE Credits (Skills)

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Credits: 3 MCLE Credits(1 ethics, 1 skills, 1 professional practice)
Speakers: Fred Abrams, Esq.

This seminar provides the matrimonial/family lawyer with countermeasures effective against even those most determined to hide assets. The course explains how offshore bank accounts, shell companies, multiple jurisdictions and other methods are used to hide millions during equitable distribution and child support proceedings. Presented 2/3/09

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Originally Recorded On: March 10, 2010
Credits: 2 MCLE Credits (Ethics)

Michael Ross, Esq.
Clifford Robert, Esq.

The impact of the new Rules of Professional Conduct, withdrawal and discharge issues, strategic issues and more!

Price: $50.00