Ethics CLEs

Credits: 2 MCLE Credits

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Credits: 6 MCLE credits (3.5 Practice, 1.5 Skills, 1 Ethics)

OCA Approved Article 81 training for certified guardian, court evaluator, ans attorney for alleged incapacitated persons.

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Credits: 3 MCLE Credits(1 ethics, 1 skills, 1 professional practice)
Speakers: Fred Abrams, Esq.

This seminar provides the matrimonial/family lawyer with countermeasures effective against even those most determined to hide assets. The course explains how offshore bank accounts, shell companies, multiple jurisdictions and other methods are used to hide millions during equitable distribution and child support proceedings. Presented 2/3/09

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Originally Recorded On: March 10, 2010
Credits: 2 MCLE Credits (Ethics)

Michael Ross, Esq.
Clifford Robert, Esq.

The impact of the new Rules of Professional Conduct, withdrawal and discharge issues, strategic issues and more!

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