Branding For Lawyers: Using Low-Tech and High-Tech Ways to Boost Law Firm or Individual
Marketing Skills Sets for Business and Career Development Opportunities

Monday, January 9, 2016
6-8:00PM (Dinner at 5:30)
No MCLE Credits 

Member $25 | Non-Member $25 | Law Student $5 | Non-Attorney $25
+$20 for walk-up registration

Richard A. Klass, Esq.

David B. Sarnoff, Esq.
Warren H. Cohn
Juda Engelmayer


Branding and marketing skills are key for an attorney to distinguish himself/herself when developing business and broadening a network of potential clients and industry contacts. This presentation highlights the high-tech and low-tech tools for an attorney to reach new sources of business or referrals in a cost effective and efficient way.
Practicing law is a time consuming profession that needs to be balanced with targeted marketing and business development programs. This is an introduction to the potentials paths to choose.

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2016 Annual Update

Friday, November 4, 2016
8 MCLE Credits (7 Professional Practice; 1 Ethics)

Member $140 | Non-Member $225 | Law Student $25 | Non-Attorney $100
+$20 for payment received less than 24 hours before program

Topics Include:
Civil Evidence – Michael Hutter, Esq.
Ethics – Michael Ross, Esq.
Disclosure – David Paul Horowitz, Esq.
Labor Law – Daniel Santola, Esq.
Medical Malpractice – John Bonina, Esq.
Municipal Liability – Michael Bersani, Esq.
No Fault/Motor Vehicle – Michael Hutter, Esq.
Premises Liability – Sim Shapiro, Esq.
Product Liability – Hon. John Cherundolo


New Developments in Foreclosure Practice

Monday, November 7, 2016
6-8:00PM (Dinner at 5:30)
2 MCLE Credits (Law Practice Management)

Member $60 | Non-Member $100 | Law Student $10 | Non-Attorney $50
+$20 for payment received less than 24 hours before program

Jimmy Lathrop, Esq.
Anthony Vaughn, Jr., Esq.

Adam Kalish, Esq., Co-Chair
M. Frank Francis, Esq., Co-Chair
Sean Kerley, Esq., Vice-Chair


The Brooklyn Bar Association is pleased to present
“New Developments in Foreclosure Practice” featuring Jaime Lathrop, Esq. Mr. Lathrop has been on the forefront of the foreclosure litigation for the past ten years, appearing in numerous reported decisions and is a frequent lecturer.
Topics will include:
– Recent decisions of interest
– Motion practice
– Discovery techniques
– “Bad faith” hearings
– Appellate practice
– Homeowner protection under the banking law
– Ex parte applications for injunctive relief
– Legislative Changes


Taking the Fear Our of e-Discovery
Member $60 | Non-Member $100 | Student $10 | Non-Attorney $50

Talia T. Page, Esq.
Training Specialist
RVM Enterprises, Inc.

Tim McCorry
Computer Forensic Engineer
RVM Enterprises, Inc.

Do you find eDiscovery intimidating? Have you recently passed on, or been passed up for a case based on the sheer volume of data or a lack of personal experience in electronic discovery? This informative CLE will help familiarize small and medium sized law firms with the terminology, technology and concepts involved with eDiscovery. Topics covered will include a discussion of data forensics, which is the process of collecting electronic evidence defensibly while maintaining a strict chain of custody, and the importance of metadata which can make or break an eDiscovery case. We will talk about how to process that data once it has been collected to allow it to be reviewed efficiently, as well as the process of reviewing documents electronically. Finally we will discuss the methods and options for producing this discovery to your adversary. The entire presentation will include a focus on cost-saving techniques and methods for more efficient review. At the conclusion, you should have a better understanding of the technologies and options available in the eDiscovery process, which could prove invaluable going forward into case planning or your next meet-and-confer.

BBA Sponsors:
BBA Computer Technology Committee

BBA Young Lawyers Section


Jury Selection in a “New” Brooklyn: Hipsters, Transplants and Millenials

Monday, June 27, 2016
2 MCLE Credits (Skills)

Member $60 | Non-Member $100 | Student $10 | Non-Attorney $50

Hon. Ellen Spodek

Supreme Court Kings County

Michael Ronemus, Esq.
Ronemus and Vilensky LLP

Thomas Gerspach, Esq.
Gerspach Sikoscow LLP

BBA Sponsor:
BBA Medical Malpractice Committee
John A. Bonina,  Esq., Chair

Over the past two decades, the demographics of Brooklyn have significantly changed. With the influx of Hipsters, Millenials, and Transplants, Brooklyn jury pools have changed as well. The course will provide insight to how Brooklyn’s changing demographics are affecting the jury pool, and consequently affecting jury selection in civil cases. Hear from Michael Ronemus, Thomas Gerspach and Judge Ellen Spodek on these and other jury selection issues facing attorneys in civil cases.



Whats Inside:

  • New Federal Law Aid Persons with Disabilities
  • Liability for the Cost of Nursing Home Care
  • New Members
  • Legal Briefs
  • Respectfully Submitted
  • Roll Call
  • An Overview of the Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act 2015
  • State & City Crackdown on Real Estate Tax Exemptions
  • Culinary Delights on display in Brooklyn
  • State of the Estates

Please click HERE to see a PDF of the Barrister

Whats Inside:

  • Induction of Officers & Trustees
  • Legal Briefs
  • Respectfully Submitted
  • New Members
  • Pixel Persuasion
  • Legal Writing for the 21st Centuary
  • Roll Call
  • Fiduciary Responsibility and non-client funds
  • Medical Malpractice Update
  • Induction Photos

Please click HERE for a PDF of the September Barrister

Whats Inside:

  • Hon. Theodore T. Jones, Jr., Golf Outing
  • You should be on social media because your clients are blabbing
  • New Members
  • Respectfully Submitted
  • Legal Briefs
  • Current events in elder law
  • Dealing with Asset Transfers in facility Medicaid applications
  • Celebrity Meltdowns and Brnad Protection
  • Hon. Theodore T. Jones, Jr., Golf photos
  • Medical Malpractice Update
  • How a young attorney built her unique solo practice by following her interests

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Whats Inside:

  • The BBA Annual Dinner
  • Protecting one’s brand in the fashion industry
  • The Docket
  • New Members
  • Legal Briefs
  • Respectfully Submitted
  • State of the Estates
  • What is the fugitive Disentitlement Doctrine
  • Accross my Desk
  • Myriad back in court on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility

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2015 Annual Update

Friday, November 13, 2015
8 MCLE Credits
(1 Ethics; 7 Professional Practice)

Member $140 | Non-Member $225 | Law Student $25 | Non-Attorney $100
+$20 for payment received less than 24 hours before program

Join us for this comprehensive update course covering a year’s worth of changes to cases and statutes in the most popular topics for tort practitioners.

David Paul Horowitz, Esq. – Evidence
Mike Ross, Esq. – Ethics
Dan Santola, Esq. – Labor Law
John Bonina, Esq. – Med Mal
Dan Solinsky, Esq. – Municipal
Mitch Proner, Esq. – No Fault
Sim Shapiro, Esq. – Premises
Andrea Bonina, Esq. – Products
David Paul Horowitz, Esq. – Disclosure