Brooklyn Barrister May/June 2016

Whats Inside:

  • The Brooklyn BarAssociation’s True Role in Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies
    By Marie-Claude Wren-Myers, Esq
  • Volunteer Spotlight:
    Justine Rousseau, Esq
  • New Members
  • Legal Briefs
    By Avery Eli Okin, Esq., CAE
  • Respectfully Submitted:
    By Arthur L. Aidala, Esq.
  • The Court of Appeals Addresses
    The Issue of Trivial Defects
    By Barton Slavin, Esq.
  • Medical Malpractice Update
    By John Bonina, Esq
  • Financial Abuse of Our Elderly Clients
    Discovery and Prevention
    By Anthony J. Lamberti
  • Avery Okin’s 30th Anniversary Surprise Party
    By Rob Abruzzese
  • Photo gallery: Justice Samuel Alito
    Hon. Theodore T. Jones Golf Outing
  • Arthur Aidala Holds Final Meeting as President
    By Rob Abruzzese
  • Roll Call
    By Diana J. Szochet
  • Photo gallery: Judicial Night

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